Vudis modular houses are built to make things easy and give us more time to enjoy life. You do not need to spend time in designing, constructing and furnishing your holiday house or sauna, we will deliver it straight to you ready to use.



Modular houses

Modern design

Compact and mobile modular houses can be combined from several modules to suit everyone’s needs. Houses are made for all year round living in Nordic countries and include modern interior and superior quality materials.
Modular houses

Classical design

If you cherish classical values, then VUDIS Scandinavian style one slant and two slant modular houses are just for you. All Scandinavian style modular houses are studio-style living spaces – everything necessary for comfortable living is located in one room. Classical design modular houses do not exceed 25 square meters and are also mobile.
Modular houses

Functional design

The possibilities are endless with VUDIS modular houses. Seasonal cafe, office module, public toilets or showers for sports stadiums – modular houses are perfect structures to keep installation and transportation quick and easy.
Modular houses

Sauna and Spa

Home Spa and sauna can function as additional element to your house or country side villa, separating relaxation procedures from every day life. With our Home Spa range we also include set of tips and extras for clients to experience traditional Baltic sauna.


moduļu mājas

Modern Architecture

Vudis modular houses are designed by one of the top Latvian architect offices Arhis and design and interior are certainly the things that make our modules special. We pay big attention to details and look for best solutions to combine simple design with high functionality.
moduļu mājas

Friendly Materials

We use only the best materials starting from high quality wood from Baltics which is the main structure of our houses till stainless steel nails and top of the class flooring materials.
moduļu mājas


Want to have your house each year in a different location? Having the same house near the sea during summer month and by the ski resort during winter is possible with Vudis technologies that allow to transport ready made and houses with interior finishings and easy installation options. We can also offer all our products as floating solutions on water using pontoons.

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